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October 27, 2010 § 1 Comment

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I’ve always been a person with contrasting tastes and interests…

I love the sleek lines of modern design and go gaga over Mies van der Rohe and Le Corbusier but at the same time, dream of Victorian country houses and candle-lit libraries filled with leather bound books; Its the decision of whether to paint the bedroom walls stark white or a moody grey; Its the Barcelona day-bed versus the antique Louis the XIV chest.

However, over time I’ve grown to appreciate this variation in style. I think it’d be rather boring to only identify yourself by designs that were either ALL modern or ALL traditional etc.

So here’s to a celebration of different styles and some new inspiration!

Lulu DK’s bedroom as featured in Lonny

I love the: symmetry and horizontal lines, antique chest of drawers, color palette of cream, coral and blue- this bedroom looks so warm and inviting!

Color Collective‘s take on Romantic irish color palettes

As someone who takes great pride in their Irish heritage, it is no surprise that the book Romantic Irish Interiors quickly has become one of my favorites. The colors in the palette (pictured above) all have such a beautiful richness to them- they’re bright, but without being too in-your-face.

Jonathan Adler‘s Bond Collection

I’ve recently become obsessed with burled wood furniture, especially when paired with lucite as seen in this console.I think I’m drawn to them mainly because of their uniqueness- they possess a certain sleekness which you don’t often find in pieces of typical wood grain

Sputnik Chandelier

There’s something so whimsical about Sputnik chandeliers. It’s mid-century meets the Jetson’s and I absolutely love it! This one was found online at ZGallerie for under $250 dollars. A great bargain indeed.

Tara Bernerd interior

I stumbled upon this interior a couple of days ago and literally spent HOURS trying to find it today! Thank goodness I did! This interior brings the look of the English clubhouse into the 21st century- the leather chairs are oversized and not to fussy, the tufting has been taken down a notch, and there is hardly any excess ornamentation. I truly admire this fresh approach on an English country interior.

Billy Baldwin

A pioneer in American decorating, Billy Baldwin, was both a classicist and a modernist- a master of color, scale and proportion. His designs were clean, crisp and tailored but his use of color, fabric, and texture was bold and eclectic. Before Baldwin, interiors were dictated by  European trends and styles; Baldwin countered this notion and in essence reshaped the American aesthetic toward interiors and decorating.

Here are some items of Baldwin inspiration found on Design Sponge:

For more information on Billy Baldwin check out this article from Architectural Digest!

And last but not least, I’ve had a growing fascination with old photography. I always like to imagine the lives of the people pictured- what their stories are, where they came from, what they’re thinking of- it’s the mystery that truly captivates me.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post! Please feel free to leave any comments or feed-back.

Have a great day!


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