in love with a library

January 3, 2011 § Leave a comment

Even though I’ve crossed over to the Nook, nothing can take away the love I have for a library.

I find libraries to be somewhat magical. Hundreds,thousands of books, filled with all sorts of information. You can truly find anything in a book. Whether it be a love story, history, or even a recipe, books have the ability to enhance one’s mind and one’s life.

Below are some pictures of libraries I’d love spending an afternoon in, enjoy!

Such a beautiful traditional style library belonging to the talented chef, Nigella Lawson. I just wish there was some additional shelving to hold all the books cluttering up her floor. I love the old wood though and the height of the bookcases- it’s all very grand but not overly ornate. The only thing that could make this library any better was if one of the bookcases opened up into a secret passage way.

Definitely a cozy & quirky library! I love the wooden beams and the overall kind of vintage feel of the space. This is certainly a library I’d have no problem curling up and reading a book in. The teal velvet upholstered chair looks rather comfy and I especially like those delicate pendant lights.

Now this is not just any library, this is Karl Lagerfeld’s library! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a personal library that has been any larger than this. Definitely much more industrial than the libraries pictured previously- no leather bound books for Mr. Lagerfeld. I do like how the books are stacked horizontally instead of vertically- in a space with floor to ceiling shelving it keeps the eye moving across the room instead of just up and down. And I love the HUGE skylight-it floods the space with natural light (my favorite light for reading) and keeps the room from seeming too heavy. This is surely a library I would love getting lost in.

This children’s library is making me wish I was a kid again. The Library of Picture Books in Iwaki City of Fukushima displays each book individually within it’s own cubicle with it’s cover on display. I love the clean simple lines and the architect’s use of materials- wood, glass, and steel. I might not have a collection of picture books but I do have a great collection of design books that I would love to show off in such a manner.


pictures via pinterest and the selby


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