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I recently read about a designer who said she designs every sofa she uses in an interior herself.

I thought this to be a little unnecessary –

Why design your own sofa when Edward Wormley has already designed some of the best!

(From left: George Nelson, Edward Wormley, Eero Saarinen, Harry Bertoia, Charles Eames, and Jens Risom, 1961 Playboy )

Edward Wormley partnered with Dunbar in the late 1950s to help modernize their furniture line. Wormley was a master of taking the best of historic and classical design and translating it into a modern vernacular. While he was never at the forefront of Modern design, Wormley’s creations for Dunbar have over time become on par with furniture designed by the likes of Nelson, Bertoia, and Eames. Wormley was able to take the best of Modern design without limiting himself to a single ideology. His pieces beautifully combine historical design with 20th century innovation.

* * *

Below are some of my favorite sofas designed by Wormley for Dunbar, Let me know your favorites!

Edward Wormley for Dunbar

LOVE: the cream colored linen, wooden legs, beautiful simple lines, and the tufted seat cushions which add a touch of sophistication

available through 20th Century Interiors on 1st Dibs

Citron Velvet Sofa with tufted back

LOVE: the color! (the picture doesn’t do it much justice), modern lines but still could work in a traditional setting

“La Gandola” sofa

LOVE: the curves, tufting, wooden legs and back – definitely a retro classic

Wormely sofa in rare “striped mink” fabric

1950s (1958 to be exact)

LOVE: the BOLD pattern- I think for this sofa to work today it would have to be in an interior that doesn’t take itself too seriously or one that is very masculine (bachelor pad anyone?)

available through Palumbo on 1st Dibs

Nine Foot Sofa

LOVE: the size (I would take this over a sectional ANY day!), white linen, and steel legs which give it a sort of industrial feel

available through Todd Merrill Antiques on 1st Dibs

* * *

pictures via 1st dibs, modernthread


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