Arley Hall & Gardens

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English Manor homes are quite a favorite of mine and I just happened to stumble upon Arley Hall located in Chesire, England.

Built in an Elizabethan style, this Victorian country house has the most magnificent architecture and beautiful gardens.

Arley Hall

* Unfortunately there were not a lot of usable pictures portraying the interiors but you can view a virtual tour of Arley Hall HERE

In an era of concrete & pre-fab houses, it sure is nice to see the beauty and architectural integrity of a 15th century country home


Erin Go Bragh

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With it being St. Patrick’s Day, I thought it’d be appropriate to pay some tribute to my Irish heritage.

My Grandma Kathleen was an American immigrant from Ireland and passed down her love of Ireland to my father. My dad in turn made sure to teach me the importance of our Irish heritage – much to the annoyance of my Italian mother… who once even got into an argument with my dad over his constant reassurance that leprechauns were in fact REAL! My dad enlisted me in Irish dance lessons and forced me to listen to the Irish Tenors every day on the way to school. While I found it annoying at the time, I look back now and am so thankful I have a family who appreciates its roots.

So hats off to St. Patrick and to Ireland! Here are a couple of my favorite Irish inspired interiors:

Miles Redd’s 40 shades of Green bedroom for Oscar de la Renta Home – featured in Lonny Mag

Simon Brown Photography- Romantic Irish Homes

Library at Trinity College, Dublin

Hope you all enjoyed some of my Irish favorites! If you’re ever planning on traveling to Ireland check out this shopping guide just posted by Apartment Therapy.

Have a GREAT St. Patrick’s Day

middle aged inspiration

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I was recently just assigned a project in which Medieval Gothic style was to be my inspiration

Although an avid fan of Sword in the Stone, King Arthur, and Robin Hood, I never thought I would consider my design sense stylistically similar to the Middle Ages

However after some research, I found myself swooning over Medieval cathedrals, gargoyles, and illuminated manuscripts

Below are some of my favorite findings:

These are all figures that were carved into a single cathedral exterior. Such extreme detail considering the variety of expressions, poses, and sizes


I love how all the support beams of this cathedral ceiling create a web-like effect

The corridor of the Gloucester Cathedral

How stunningly beautiful are those ceilings?! I can’t even imagine how much time and hard work was put into this. I hope to be able to visit this cathedral one day. I would live in this corridor if I could!

Again, LOVE all the support beams and the positive/negative space interaction. So glad to see some color incorporated too! Now if only all ceilings could be like this…

I wish all books could have illuminations. With every turn of a page you are looking at a new work of art. One of my favorite examples of illuminated manuscripts is The Book of Kells (pictured below). The Book of Kells is one of Ireland’s greatest treasures! Truly stunning in all its intricacy!

Click HERE for an informational video on the Book of Kells from msnbc

not just for the coffee

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While Starbucks may be reigning supreme, nothing can take away the love for an upscale coffee shop

Introducing… D’Espresso

With two New York City locations (Lower East Side and Midtown), D’Espresso is not your typical coffee shop. Laid to resemble a library turned on it’s side, a visit to D’Epresso is worth much more than just a cup of coffee.

exterior shot of D’Espresso- love the all glass facade

A close up shot of this espresso bar shows the concept of the library turned sideways. Love the chevron wooden “floors” on the left wall. Also love the how the book shelves wrap all around onto the ceiling to create even more of a dramatic design.

Above is a close up of the tile, created by Imagine Tile, made to resemble filled bookshelves

Even the food and drink are displayed beautifully. The glass encasements show off the sandwiches like works of art. Also notice how the lights jut out from the “ceiling”. ¬†The concept of library turned on its side is truly carried out in every design decision.

D’Espresso will definitely be on my list of places to visit next time I’m in the city!

I love to see businesses challenging the norm in the world of retail design

I hope you all get to visit too!

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