kicking it old school

September 29, 2011 § Leave a comment

as the new academic year progresses,

I have reaffirmed my love for the old school- literally. I remember my elementary school librarian Mrs. Nelson and the multiple library card catalogs lining the walls. I always thought it was so interesting how an entire library, full of information, could be organized within tiny cabinet drawers. As society becomes more and more digital, library catalogs are quickly disappearing. Thankfully for us design lovers, they are making their comeback in interiors. Whether it’s old wood file cabinets, industrial flat files, or barrister bookcases, these old school elements bring in a sense of nostalgia while still remaining highly functional. 

Two salvaged library catalogs are the perfect solution for under-stairs storage. Their warm oak wood tone helps this high contrast living area appear more inviting.

These antique wood file cabinets add such warmth and character to what could be a potentially drab office space.

I love work areas flooded with natural light. This space is especially a favorite of mine with that industrial mint green flat file.

Black salvaged industrial metal file cabinets contrast nicely with the neutral backdrop.

I seriously am on a total barrister bookcase kick right now… I’ve been checking craigslist periodically in hopes of scoring a good deal! I love the fact that their doors are hung horizontally. The glass panes also keep the bookcase from appearing too heavy. The only downside… making sure it stays organized and looks pretty!

File cabinet as side table- super cute and love the vibrant green color! 

I believe this is another version of a library catalog, but correct me if I’m wrong! Perfect storage solution for a playroom and/or children’s study area. The multitude of drawers comes in handy for keeping school supplies and toys tucked neatly away.

Do any of you have any tips or suggestions on where to score any of these old school finds? If so, feel free to share! You’ll occasionally see them around at local vintage/antique stores but I’m wondering if there’s a source which deals with salvaged library/office furniture directly… I might have to get my hands on a couple of these pieces soon! 

[please refer to the modern day atelier pinterest account for all credit information; link available via the contact tab]


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