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March 6, 2012 § Leave a comment


If any of you have seen Midnight in Paris, there’s no question that the set design is incredible!

One of my favorite scenes would have to be the wedding reception where the room is filled with taxidermy from the legendary Deyrolle.

Founded in 1831 by Jean Baptiste Deyrolle, his store sold insects and hunting materials to natural history lovers. Jean later developed a taxidermy business which was very successful. In 1866 Emile Deyrolle took over the establishment and expanded the business to incorporate series of colorful and educational posters. In 2008 Deyrolle was temporarily closed due to a fire; however, it’s doors have opened again and is currently being run by Louis Albert de Broglie. Deyrolle is just another reason I would love to venture back to Paris! 

images via deyrolle and opening ceremony


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