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Attention Marni Lovers: If you thought the collaboration with H&M for  Spring 2012 was good, wait until you see what just debuted at this year’s Salone del Mobile..

Italian fashion house Marni is no longer just designing pieces for your closet. Marni has now made the leap into the world of furniture design. Their newest collection features outdoor furniture in bold color combinations and classic geometric forms. All pieces have been constructed by Columbian ex-prisoners (Designer Castiglioni’s  way of easing their transition back into a normal working life) using salvaged materials such as concrete reinforcing bars and plastic colored pipes. While the majority of these pieces are intended for exterior use I would honestly be tempted to sneak one indoors… They are just way too beautiful to not be enjoyed on a daily basis!






mesa para sala

{entire colletion: 20 colors, 7 models, 21 variations for 80 chairs, 10 deck chairs, and 10 tables}

In addition to their furniture collection, Marni also has a really cool “ANTICAMERA02” campaign out right now. The campaign gives recognition to the company’s employees who work daily to contribute to the success of the company regardless of how big or small their position may be. Photographer Francesco Jodice captures this mission in the photographic exhibition, “L’arte del Ritratto”. Definitely worth checking out! 


kicking it old school

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as the new academic year progresses,

I have reaffirmed my love for the old school- literally. I remember my elementary school librarian Mrs. Nelson and the multiple library card catalogs lining the walls. I always thought it was so interesting how an entire library, full of information, could be organized within tiny cabinet drawers. As society becomes more and more digital, library catalogs are quickly disappearing. Thankfully for us design lovers, they are making their comeback in interiors. Whether it’s old wood file cabinets, industrial flat files, or barrister bookcases, these old school elements bring in a sense of nostalgia while still remaining highly functional. 

Two salvaged library catalogs are the perfect solution for under-stairs storage. Their warm oak wood tone helps this high contrast living area appear more inviting.

These antique wood file cabinets add such warmth and character to what could be a potentially drab office space.

I love work areas flooded with natural light. This space is especially a favorite of mine with that industrial mint green flat file.

Black salvaged industrial metal file cabinets contrast nicely with the neutral backdrop.

I seriously am on a total barrister bookcase kick right now… I’ve been checking craigslist periodically in hopes of scoring a good deal! I love the fact that their doors are hung horizontally. The glass panes also keep the bookcase from appearing too heavy. The only downside… making sure it stays organized and looks pretty!

File cabinet as side table- super cute and love the vibrant green color! 

I believe this is another version of a library catalog, but correct me if I’m wrong! Perfect storage solution for a playroom and/or children’s study area. The multitude of drawers comes in handy for keeping school supplies and toys tucked neatly away.

Do any of you have any tips or suggestions on where to score any of these old school finds? If so, feel free to share! You’ll occasionally see them around at local vintage/antique stores but I’m wondering if there’s a source which deals with salvaged library/office furniture directly… I might have to get my hands on a couple of these pieces soon! 

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stylish shelving

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Over the past year I have ammased quite a few books…

the majority of them end up stacked up on the floor around my bed collecting dust. In need for a serious storage solution, I turned to etsy. While browsing I stumbled upon this really cool industrial shelving! Some of the options even include lighting. In all honesty, these shelves probably wouldn’t be too hard to make yourself- but without time for any new DIY projects I might just have to drop some cash $

i & iii stella bleu designs  ii Dirty Bils


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I recently read about a designer who said she designs every sofa she uses in an interior herself.

I thought this to be a little unnecessary –

Why design your own sofa when Edward Wormley has already designed some of the best!

(From left: George Nelson, Edward Wormley, Eero Saarinen, Harry Bertoia, Charles Eames, and Jens Risom, 1961 Playboy )

Edward Wormley partnered with Dunbar in the late 1950s to help modernize their furniture line. Wormley was a master of taking the best of historic and classical design and translating it into a modern vernacular. While he was never at the forefront of Modern design, Wormley’s creations for Dunbar have over time become on par with furniture designed by the likes of Nelson, Bertoia, and Eames. Wormley was able to take the best of Modern design without limiting himself to a single ideology. His pieces beautifully combine historical design with 20th century innovation.

* * *

Below are some of my favorite sofas designed by Wormley for Dunbar, Let me know your favorites!

Edward Wormley for Dunbar

LOVE: the cream colored linen, wooden legs, beautiful simple lines, and the tufted seat cushions which add a touch of sophistication

available through 20th Century Interiors on 1st Dibs

Citron Velvet Sofa with tufted back

LOVE: the color! (the picture doesn’t do it much justice), modern lines but still could work in a traditional setting

“La Gandola” sofa

LOVE: the curves, tufting, wooden legs and back – definitely a retro classic

Wormely sofa in rare “striped mink” fabric

1950s (1958 to be exact)

LOVE: the BOLD pattern- I think for this sofa to work today it would have to be in an interior that doesn’t take itself too seriously or one that is very masculine (bachelor pad anyone?)

available through Palumbo on 1st Dibs

Nine Foot Sofa

LOVE: the size (I would take this over a sectional ANY day!), white linen, and steel legs which give it a sort of industrial feel

available through Todd Merrill Antiques on 1st Dibs

* * *

pictures via 1st dibs, modernthread

natural beauty

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While all of this miserable cold weather is making me want to tell Mother Nature to QUIT IT,

there is one thing I have to give her credit for….

inspiring sculptor Roxy Paine and furniture designer Joseph Walsh to create beautiful works of art.

The sculptures of Roxy Paine

Furniture Design by Joseph Walsh

raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens

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step aside Maria… here are a few of MY favorite things

St. Mary Mead

falling in love with early twentieth century England- I think I’ve been watching too much Miss Marple

i. English country home & garden of Stella McCartney

ii. Brideshead Revisited

factory windows

despite their industrial origin, I find these factory windows work surprisingly well in a refined traditional setting

dark glamour: libraries and galleries

this is a look I love but not one I could necessarily live with- after a while I think I’d start to feel a little claustrophobic

amazing architecture

i. love the warmth of the wooden deck juxtaposed to the coolness of the water on this rooftop pool

ii. absolutely stunning vaulted ceilings; it almost looks like origami

iii. beautiful art nouveau door; talk about first impressions…

furniture & lighting

i. 1950’s Norwegian chair

ii. Art Deco wall sconces

hope you enjoyed some of my recent musings

I apologize for being M.I.A. this last week- Look out for another post soon!

Have a great Monday!

images via Pinterest, Habitually Chic, 1st Dibs

recent musings

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post 10/27

I’ve always been a person with contrasting tastes and interests…

I love the sleek lines of modern design and go gaga over Mies van der Rohe and Le Corbusier but at the same time, dream of Victorian country houses and candle-lit libraries filled with leather bound books; Its the decision of whether to paint the bedroom walls stark white or a moody grey; Its the Barcelona day-bed versus the antique Louis the XIV chest.

However, over time I’ve grown to appreciate this variation in style. I think it’d be rather boring to only identify yourself by designs that were either ALL modern or ALL traditional etc.

So here’s to a celebration of different styles and some new inspiration!

Lulu DK’s bedroom as featured in Lonny

I love the: symmetry and horizontal lines, antique chest of drawers, color palette of cream, coral and blue- this bedroom looks so warm and inviting!

Color Collective‘s take on Romantic irish color palettes

As someone who takes great pride in their Irish heritage, it is no surprise that the book Romantic Irish Interiors quickly has become one of my favorites. The colors in the palette (pictured above) all have such a beautiful richness to them- they’re bright, but without being too in-your-face.

Jonathan Adler‘s Bond Collection

I’ve recently become obsessed with burled wood furniture, especially when paired with lucite as seen in this console.I think I’m drawn to them mainly because of their uniqueness- they possess a certain sleekness which you don’t often find in pieces of typical wood grain

Sputnik Chandelier

There’s something so whimsical about Sputnik chandeliers. It’s mid-century meets the Jetson’s and I absolutely love it! This one was found online at ZGallerie for under $250 dollars. A great bargain indeed.

Tara Bernerd interior

I stumbled upon this interior a couple of days ago and literally spent HOURS trying to find it today! Thank goodness I did! This interior brings the look of the English clubhouse into the 21st century- the leather chairs are oversized and not to fussy, the tufting has been taken down a notch, and there is hardly any excess ornamentation. I truly admire this fresh approach on an English country interior.

Billy Baldwin

A pioneer in American decorating, Billy Baldwin, was both a classicist and a modernist- a master of color, scale and proportion. His designs were clean, crisp and tailored but his use of color, fabric, and texture was bold and eclectic. Before Baldwin, interiors were dictated by  European trends and styles; Baldwin countered this notion and in essence reshaped the American aesthetic toward interiors and decorating.

Here are some items of Baldwin inspiration found on Design Sponge:

For more information on Billy Baldwin check out this article from Architectural Digest!

And last but not least, I’ve had a growing fascination with old photography. I always like to imagine the lives of the people pictured- what their stories are, where they came from, what they’re thinking of- it’s the mystery that truly captivates me.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post! Please feel free to leave any comments or feed-back.

Have a great day!

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